Sunshine on the Snow

I wrote this song during Advent, 2003. Though it depicts primarily the outer Christian teachings – the literal understanding of the birth of Jesus – it also holds a deeper, more mystical meaning. The last verse especially is why I chose to share it here.

And just to point out how things seem to circle back around, but at a deeper level than before… This was written on a baritone ukulele, an instrument I played only briefly because it was awkward. Here I play a smaller body ukulele, and it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Enjoy, and merry Christmas!

Sunshine on the Snow – Lyrics

Instrument: Tenor Fluke ukulele

1. Jesus gave us Light;
He saved us from our woe.
He brought pow’r and might;
He’s brighter than the sunshine on the snow.

2. The place was a stall;
Through Him God’s love did flow.
It was quiet and small;
He’s humbler than the sunshine on the snow.

3. We’re still wrapped in love;
He came so it would show.
All we need is trust;
He’s warmer than the sunshine on the snow.

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Sunshine on the Snow

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